Now I’m Wise

Approximately 20 hours after posting a terrribly funny video of some lady waking up after wisdom tooth surgery, complete with my commentary of “I am NEVER getting my wisdom teeth out,” I started feeling awful pain in one lower corner of my jaw.

I thought I was safe. I was almost 30 at the time (I’ve passed that landmark very successfully, by the way) and had never had ANY issues with wisdom teeth. I figured if I was still down for any lingering pain it would be mild and brief. By 30 those puppies are done doing their thing, right?

NOPE. As of yesterday I’m two teeth lighter. One was buried deep in my jawbone and the other was sideways. That was exciting. (I did nothing exciting, though. I wasn’t entertaining at all. They put me on a steady, strong stream of nitrous and I said “what is this supposed to do?” Viral video opportunity wasted…)

So, today I’ve been hanging out on the nice couch, doing homework. I SHOULD have been sleeping but some roofers showed up at about 3pm and started tromping around on the roof. New roof is awesome, but NOT on the day after I get my wisdom teeth out.

They’ll be back tomorrow, too. I hope my recovery keeps being amazing because I’m super cranky from being kept awake while also being doped up, unable to escape because I can’t drive, and wanting desperately to go to sleep but having (instead) to read mid-nineteenth century poetry and late-nineteenth century political cartoons.

I was going to read those things on Sunday, which was originally going to be my “awake and productive day” but now I expect to be asleep all day that day, to recover from not being able to sleep during the re-roofing of our house.

On a separate but related note, the nurse kitty is doing her job. She just follows me around and sleeps near me. I’m trying to teach her how to fetch ice packs. No luck yet, but I’m hopeful.

nurse kitty is perched next to me on the couch, taking a break from sleeping

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