Mayans Fail!

New years are my favorite. I would like to say that I made no resolutions this year, but that would be inaccurate. I made weak resolutions. Nothing got written down or committed to, most of my “resolutions” were more like “vague notions about things I’d like to happen this year.” Each year I live I become a little less sure of what the next year will bring, and thus a little less motivated to strongly commit to a lot of things for a YEAR.

I like the resolutions that go “I’ll eat more carrots this week.” That’s my kind of resolution.

Here are my vague musings, though, in no particular order.

1. It’d be cool if that double chin would get lost.

2. I’ve been in the Southwest for five years. I wish I knew Spanish.

3. Probably should save some money sometime.

See what I mean? But as I was writing this post I decided to list some “resolutions” that are sure things – things I almost certainly will accomplish this year.

  • receive a Master’s degree
  • Paint more
  • Learn new web design stuff
  • Read more books

That seems like a good list.

A good blogger, at this point, would ask you what your resolutions are for 2013. But I only really want to hear about them if they don’t involve weight loss. Bonus points if they involve books.


5 thoughts on “Mayans Fail!”

  1. I am actually planning on reading more as well (especially if you blog more). I have a few more up my sleeve but they are all rather boring.

  2. I will read more books (just read both Killing Kennedy and Killing Lincoln and highly recommend them).
    I will walk at least 3 days a week – and not just from the computer to the kitchen.
    I will continue praying daily for all my family and maybe sometimes fit in someone else.
    I will thank my husband more often.

  3. I will read more books too.
    I will worry less, and think of things that are lovely, and call to mind the many blessings I have been given.
    I will stop and question myself every time something “bugs” me.
    I will walk outside for 20 minutes every day.
    I will take my thyroid medicine before 8am every day so that I can fall asleep before 10:30pm.
    I will go over my bank statement and budget at least twice a week so I don’t do what I did yesterday and swipe my debit card and find out that the checking account was dry 😉
    I will smile and say hello every day to complete strangers. 🙂
    I will pray for my children, their husbands, my friends, my family, and the families of those who died at the elementary school, and friends I know who have lost a child – every day.
    I will listen more and cut the wisecracks down to 50%.
    I will skip more. And sing.

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