So the chickens are huge. They haven’t started laying eggs yet, because I haven’t built them a laying box. But they’re HUGE. The black one likes to hop around and try out her wings.

trixie and the brown one are the only ones left.

The cat is her normal judgmental self. She doesn’t change. She’s the one constant in a world full of change…

midnight. kitty on her rounds.

The dog, genius that she is, escaped during the 24 hours I was doing the half-marathon. She arrived the next morning, without use of one leg and with several cuts so deep that her muscle was clearly visible. I worked on not puking as I drove her to the vet. Many stiches and a soft cast later, she was home.

see that green and blue cast on the one leg? she pulled ACL, laterals, and other stuff

It’s been an exciting, expensive week here in our sub-world of pets and related livestock.

I’ve been having hubs do the dressing changes. I do it when I have to, but I struggle with inside bits being on the outside. So, apparently, does the dog. She is depressed.

sooooooo bummed out by her immobility

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