Oh Snap. Timey-Wimey

20120904-235053.jpg(I want this dog. She is like a movie star.)

Holy guacamole. It seems like I haven’t posted in months but it’s really only been 12 days. Half a month. It counts.

Here’s a quick update, because it’s just too much stuff to tell you in little separate posts.

1. I’ve been marinating on applying for a PhD program at the place where I’m currently working at my Master’s. Hubs encouraged me to go all in, and get it done. Because of that wonderful guy, I’m off – officially set PhD as a three(5) year goal and begun work to that end.

2. Quit my job job. It was an excellent job, the first one ever I was truly sad to leave. Not too sad, though. I can’t believe the TIME I have now! It’s unreal. I’m only working one job (the school job) and so I have an extra EIGHT HOURS every day to devote to reading. And more reading. And writing. And editing. …… Etc… Hubs gets props for this one, too.

3. My sister Zee and I were invited to do an art show in November. We are going to show a series based on poems written by our grandpa. He’s going to travel out with grandma and do a poetry reading for it! Sketches are done, canvases are primed, painting has commenced! I use this as my break time from reading like a fiend.

4. My sister Selita has been running her butt off and convinced me to join her in the San Antonio half marathon this November. I’m actually trying to train for this one, which is humiliating and empowering all at once. I’m going to make t-shirts so at least I’ll look cool as I stumble across the finish line.


Those are the biggies. I have about twenty ideas for other stuff to blog about and I’ll get to it soon… As soon as I’m through with the 18th century’s entire canon of English Literature.


What do you think?

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