Chickens Grow

We’re down to two chickens. After BeauBeau the wonderdog took down Gertie, the neighbor’s dog joined in and dispatched Lacey. She was being stupid – she dove straight into the neighbor’s yard. I’m not going to say she deserved it but…

Apparently, chickens grow fast. I guess this is a benefit of a fairly short lifespan and being the stupidest birds on the face of the planet. They reach maturity fairly quickly.

Here they are 7 weeks ago, still hand-sized and looking pretty ugly. The Teenage week is so hard.

And here they are about two weeks ago, looking pretty dang close to full-size. They’ve lost all the chick fuzz and are both outfitted in full chicken regalia.

The reddish one was once named Goldie, but we’ve renamed her Peggy, because it fits her. Also because we kept calling her Peggy anyway, thinking she was the other one. She’s some kind of mutt with a bit of Rhode Island Red.

The blackish one is Trixie the Black. She’s probably also a mutt, but with a lot of Barred Rock. Both of them are fairly laid back, and the either come to me or run into the coop when I’m around, which is exactly what I want them to do. I’m happy.

They aren’t laying eggs yet, which is okay by me. It’s very, very, very hot here. I’d like them just to survive the heat for now, until we can get a more permanent coop up. One with a fenced-in run.


3 thoughts on “Chickens Grow”

  1. Obviously the two survivors have a higher chicken IQ than those who foolishly flew the coop. It portends for a long (egg laying) life!

  2. Only the strong survive.
    Love the photo shoot of your beautiful chickens. They are so very interesting to us city folk.

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