I made THINGS ARE HAPPENING the title of this post because it cuts down on the guilt I feel from not getting anything really accomplished. Or – I should correct that – not getting anything done that I SHOULD be getting done. I’ve done a LOT of stuff in the last few weeks. They just don’t involve any actual, productive accomplishments.

Many of my sibs came down a few weeks ago for a visit. It was delightful to have my Texas house full of New Jersey people. We all grew up together, too, so we have the added bonus of all favoring the same activities. (eg: movie watching, ice cream eating, talking for HOURS). They got to see an incredible hailstorm the first night they were here (with golf-ball sized hail) and then the power went off for six or seven hours. So we roasted marshmallows.

A beautiful dog and a very stupid chicken.

Lost two more chickens to various dogs over the last few weeks. Turns out dogs REALLY like chickens. I didn’t realize how much until the second chicken was instantly caught and shaken to death by a neighborhood dog who was lurking right on the other side of our yard. I’m very protective of the remaining two. It means they don’t get as much freedom to roam, but I don’t care. Three chicken deaths feels irresponsible. It would be easier to keep them alive if they were not so stupid.

Have I read at all for that exam looming in October? No, I have not. I read two books from the Game of Thrones series, instead. I’ve also been watching a lot of the Olympics. I plan on reading summaries of all the school stuff. That’s my master plan.


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