Happy Fourth of July, folks.

I was on a TEAR last week, saving us money left and right. (Hot Tip: If you have GEICO for car insurance, call and ask about their new rating plan. It will take a while to get you set up, but man does it feel good when they give you your new premium.)

One of my most exciting discoveries was a sweet deal via our electric company, Reliant. They are a huge provider in Texas, and joined up with a new tech startup called Nest to offer customers free high-tech thermostats if they sign on to a particular billing program.

I did some research on the thermostat beforehand, and what I saw was enough to convince me. This thingy is created by the same guy who designed the iPod and it’s got the same “woah, it can really be this easy!” vibe to it. I love it. I’m in geek heaven.


Apparently the guy stayed on good terms with Apple because the thermostat is now offered in Apple stores. Also via their website, Amazon, and in Lowe’s. Whatever. The biggest plus for me is that I can control this thing from my phone, which means when I wake up freezing in the middle of the night I can turn the heat on via my phone, rather than getting out of the covers to reset the temp. Pretty cool.

The other bonus was that I got some handy-dandy DIY experience removing the old thermostat and wiring up the new one.

Our old guy was SO old it was using mercury for the thermometer. Remember THAT?!

old thermostat

As I took the old guy down I fondly reminisced about the days when people-temperature thermometers were also made of mercury. I broke one, once, and spent a while trying to clean it up off the bathroom floor before my parents notice. Mercury poisoning would explain a lot…


2 thoughts on “Thermostat-tastic”

  1. ours is not nearly as cool looking but it is part of our alarm system. We can change & monitor from our phones or computers. I really like the combo door lock. I’m never locked out or lose a key again. And we can set codes for visitors…and lock/unlock the door from our phones/computer. and I’m glad no one took my temperature last week 😉

  2. Cool thermostat! I took Dad’s temperature last week with my trusty old mercury thermostat (no batteries & no recharging 😉

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