The Beard

Hubs had some vacation time last month and resolved to grow out his facial hair. He’s been working since he was, like, two years old, and has never been allowed to wear a full face of hair. So this was sort of an experiment for him.

It was pretty interesting.

beardI enjoyed it – especially near the end of its life, when it was long enough to be soft. For a while, there, planting a smooch was a dangerous operation.

He’s back to the smooth baby-face now, but The Beard was a cool visitor.


2 thoughts on “The Beard”

  1. Thanks for the pics. Beards are fun, and then they’re gone and surprise! … you get to touch that smooth cheek, chin, and upper lip again.
    I know Dad sure likes it every time I use my magical Sally Hansen Face & Lip Wax šŸ˜‰

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