The Coop

Now that the demo is done, he's losing energy.

While we did need some better wire, our first ever coop build was, on whole, successful.

demo man

We pulled an unused wooden futon frame out of the storage shed and spent a while taking it apart. This was Hubs’ time to shine. His Gift is destruction – he’s incredibly good at it and, in another life, would have made an outstanding demolition expert. As he said,

I got a whole toolbox, and it’s just filled with hammers of all shapes and sizes.

using hammers

After strategic demo, we reassembled the futon into a coop frame, using about 98% of the original wood for the new structure, and even tapping into some “junk wood” reserves sitting in the rafters of the storage shed.


I’m not going to lie, I was kind of dreading this project at the outset. Usually, when we spend all day together working on something, the interaction devolves into temper tantrums and something getting spiked. The likelihood that things will go downhill is directly related to the temperature, which was well into the 100’s that afternoon.

finished product

And yet, we had a great time. We really enjoyed ourselves, we felt a shared sense of accomplishment, and we had somewhere relatively safe for our chicks to sleep. Good day, in all.


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