Trixie, Lacy, and Goldie

Along with Gertie the Survivor aka Gertie the Speed Demon, we have three chickies still growing and chirping in our backyard.

Goldie Hen is taking over where the dear departed Peggy left off, as our resident piggy:


When the food is coming, Goldie is near! We suspect she will end up being light brown, which is “gold” in chicken talk. We also think, since she’s an extreme eater, that she’ll be an extreme layer – either the best or the worst.

Next is Trixie the Black, named for one of my favorite childhood heroes: Trixie Belden. She was a child detective adventurer much like Nancy Drew but without teen nonsense like Ned and dances and cars.


Trixie is our resident adventurer, always checking things out and circling around the outer perimeter of the flock for the next coolest thing. She’s like a rogue chicken and her name fits her. This is a relief because I named her before we got them.

Finally, the most friendly chick of the bunch by far, Lacy.


She actually enjoys being picked up and held, which makes her the best right now. I’m really interested to see what she looks like as an adult, because she has a cool black and white pattern going on with her baby fluff. I don’t know any of their breeds for SURE and grown chickens usually look way different from their baby counterparts. So Lacy will continue to be a delight.

More tomorrow!


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