A Sad Start

I had a bright, lively post planned to introduce you to our chickies, but I’m sorry to report that one has already met its demise.


This is Margaret, better known as Peggy. She was the piggy of our five-chick bunch, which translated to a pretty friendly pullet (baby gal), since we had the food.

Peggy the piggy.

Yesterday morning she was discovered missing. Hubs searched all around the yard but found little evidence of a human interloper. (Our first suspicion was that a neighborhood kid stole her as a prank.)

When I got home from work, I continued the investigation, finding a bulging area of chicken wire and some feathers on the ground. While the gals can’t fit through the holes in the wire themselves, they’re still small enough that they might be dragged through. Which, we suspect, is probably what happened. Maybe by a huge grackle, or a raccoon. Or an armadillo. Or a feral cat. Or a loose dog. Once we started thinking about it, we realized there were a lot more predators out there than we planned for.

This week I’ll share the rest of the flock with you. But for now, let’s have a moment of silence for the chickie who was taken from us too soon. RIP Peggy the Piggy


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