Homemade Pasta

We both love pasta but kinda hate how easy it is to make compared with its relative health factor. We rarely give it it’s due, using it instead as a “quick meal” when we don’t have the time or energy to make a real one.

But we grew up in an area with a lot of Italians, and we watch enough food shows to know pasta could be so much more. So we started looking around for handmade pasta recipes that didn’t require a roller because we don’t have one and neither of us felt like rolling long pasta by hand.

We found ricotta cavatelli. Super simple recipe and delicious result. Hubs mixed the dough as prep. Then, while I shaped it, he worked on the crowning achievement – a hearty meat sauce with fresh roasted garlic.


The recipe actually had me kind of worried because, although the ingredients and prep looked simple, it made a big deal out of the time required to shape the individual pieces. They’re shaped individually and are supposed to look like tiny hot dog buns when they’re done right.

I did pretty good, and it wasn’t really hard. The nice part about handmade is that all the ugly bits get re-labeled as “rustic” and you’re good to go.




We had a lot of fun with this and got a delicious meal out of it. Despite my concerns, it wasn’t any more time consuming than any other handmade cooking or baking venture.

Check out my Italian-in-spirit shot with my huge smile, ample endowment, and my pasta board:


I have zero shareable pictures of the finished product because it looks way too “rustic,” even for me. Tasted a million times better than it looked… I have to work on my food photography skills.



3 thoughts on “Homemade Pasta”

  1. So delicious. My husband makes homemade pasta every Sunday and it is such a special treat for all of us. I still eat the boxed variety, because I could eat pasta every day, but homemade really is a different experience.

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