Tempus Fugit!

School’s out for summer. Thus, I have enough free time to THINK about the blog. Hubs has been leading the charge of, “when are you going to start blogging again?”

Gotta’ say, although the blog (along with many other fun activities) suffered immensely due to my “no way, Jose” mindset this semester, it was much healthier all around. I said “no” to a ton of stuff, which was initially very uncomfortable. But man, getting enough sleep and having time to FINISH things is an amazing feeling.

Almost as amazing as saying “yes.”

After several weeks of visiting family and/or playing video games from dawn to dusk, reading for my comprehensive exams begins in earnest. Thankfully, these “exam reads” can be accomplished on my own time. Granted, I’m going to have to create some deadlines or it will never get done, but flexibility is a luxury I don’t often have.

I’ve got a few other projects in mind for the summertime: training for a long race, sewing a dress, making some bookcases, and trying to get some freelance stuff started. Nothing is set in stone, however, which is nice. Good to have a little wiggle room.

Feel free to read along with me. I could use the company.


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