Old Ways

I had this nice moment the other night talking to two other women who had also grown up in religious houses – one continues her upbringing with her own kids, the other has stopped attending church after a spate of terrible interactions with church leadership.

What was really nice about this conversation was that I was able to talk about my own adult struggles with faith in a way that I’m not often able to. The church-going lady wasn’t trying to “re-save” me and the apostate wasn’t trying to turn me to the dark side. It was kind of a no-pressure situation. Don’t encounter that a lot.

The nicest part, though, in this short conversation, was a brief explanation of the crux of my struggles with faith. No easy answers exist for my situation, and those ladies didn’t provide any. When I explained my frustration, they both nodded nods of understanding. They weren’t placating me; because of their background they really understood just how big of a deal it was.

Doesn’t happen much. Just thought I’d share.

Semester is almost done. Back to regular blogging soon!


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