Browsing the Digital Scriptorium

A page from the notebook of an "antipope."

I’m in a Classics course, which is cross-listed with a “travel abroad” group out in Italy this semester. One of my classmates, who is in Italy, opens up a chat session every time the class begins. And so we pass transatlantic notes during the whole class. Which is good, because the class is highly boring.


Today, we’re spending lots of time looking at Renaissance manuscript copies of texts from classical antiquity (ie: ancient Rome and Greece). Instead of actually paying attention – which involves acting interested in what the two clowns down in front are saying (they keep trying to “one up” each other with their limited knowledge of Latin, etc…) – I am browsing Columbia University’s Digital Scriptorium.

It’s all these pictures of old books and texts. I just learned about antipopes. Antipope Benedict XIII was an interesting guy.

I’m learning things from being enrolled in this class, just not anything the professor is teaching…

“Know what I’ve learned from this class so far? How to spell Renaissance without spell-check.” -my Italian classmate


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