Someone tell me about Upstairs Downstairs. I saw Alex Kingston talking it up and I am highly intrigued.


2 thoughts on “Quickie”

  1. It’s well worth watching. I bought the whole series on DVD on sale last year and was actually impressed with how well it had “kept” since I first watched it on TV back when it was new. But I think it tends to be that way with the British series that are set back in the early 20th century. They don’t seem as outdated 30-40 years later as the ones that were actually set in their own time!

    The first few episodes are black and white but they changed their mind about that rather quickly (before the end of the first season) and even recreated the very first introduction episode in colour.

  2. Have been watching the original 1970’s series on Netflix DVD’s. About an upper class British family (who has the King of England for supper), and the group of downstairs servants who run the house. British type evening soap opera. Rated a soft PG for suggested adult indiscretions of some Upstairs and Downstairs characters. Good strong honorable male and female characters. I am enjoying it.

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