“Bill Clinton. I know him.”

Now comes the spring of my discontent.

I was ready for this, but it doesn’t make it easier, really. Just slightly less panic-inducing. The semester is BUSY.

I’m going to skip the ridiculous schedule of most of the week and name-drop the G-list author I met on Thursday. Dr. Jay Parini wrote some book (a lot of books, actually) called The Last Station forever ago. It’s about the last year of Leo Tolstoy’s life, told from multiple perspectives. At some point, he managed to make a movie out of it (to hear him tell the story it took about 20 years).

Anyways, they played the film at school and then did a Q&A with Dr. Parini, who was in for the week as a super-guest. It was fascinating – he lives in Vermont and he’s got a markedly Northeast way of talking, which included a lot of name-dropping, self-praise, and lots of curse words.

I particularly enjoyed watching Texas-bred faces attempting to disguise shock at such a potty mouth. It was fantastic.

The movie was also excellent and I would recommend it to anyone.

(Apparently the book is good, too. But I don’t have time for that right now. I’m a busy student, have I mentioned?)


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