The Komen Thing

Yesterday, every other post on my Facebook wall had a link to the story about the Komen Foundation (a giant women’s cancer research group) pulling their funding from Planned Parenthood.

Some people were delighted, some enraged. I thought about it for a while and decided I was frustrated.

To be clear: this post is not an agreement or rebuttal – I write letters and donate regarding issues like this, and that’s that.

My frustration is purely selfish. As someone who would benefit so incredibly much from a society that highly values adoption, this kind of scuffle is intensely disheartening.

I live in a weirdly mixed group that responds to unwanted pregnancies differently. Some women are from a culture that use abortion; some are from a culture that use grandma.

NONE use adoption. There’s a stigma and a fear attached to it that is so great that it’s not even a viable option for many. As I said earlier, that’s frustrating. Adoption is the “Other” of child-rearing.

Why is this? Why are the options I see around me considered BETTER than adoption? Why is it that I can find a clinic no problem, or a newborn daycare, but would not have the first clue how or where to navigate adoption? Why don’t pro-lifers spend more energy on this? Why don’t pro-choicers?

Why isn’t adoption lauded as a useful, valuable, supportable option by BOTH GROUPS?!

THAT isn’t right.


3 thoughts on “The Komen Thing”

  1. Catholic Charities was the largest prolife adoption agency for decades, until recently. When forced to sign on to our governments intrusive law that children must be placed with homosexuals, Catholic Charities declined to participate. Adoption continues to be an option promoted by prolife groups (National Right to Life Committee, Pro-Life Action League, ProLife Alliance, Presbyterians Pro-Life Research Education and Care, Inc., Birthright International,…) however, the majority of women today are persuaded, from early adolescence, to reject it.

  2. VERY frustrating!

    We ran into an acquaintance this past weekend who talked about their grandchild that was recently adopted from Africa 🙂

    If Susan B. Komen has dissociated with Planned Parenthood, and discontinued its fetal tissue harvesting – hoorah!

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