Reading = Torture

Just wanted to share this sentence from some reading for school:

“We need a critique of Western assumptions about knowing the colonized Other, in order to uncover their orientalist self-aggrandizing structure, but without relying on an unproblematic ‘authentic’ alternative from the colonized, whose interpretive horizon is similarly historically dynamic and is undoubtably distorted by colonialism as well.

What?! Who taught these people how to write?!

This is why blog posts are sparse during school. Any free time I have is spent trying to revive my brain, which is distinctly mushy right now.


4 thoughts on “Reading = Torture”

  1. There is a technical term for this type of writing: crappe. Reading this kind of “writing” is like drinking Sterno: vile in the short run, lethal in the long run. “That’s isn’t writing at all, it’s typing.” (Capote on Kerouac).

  2. Obviously this is some kind of secret code. Deliberate obfuscation is apparent. Reminds me of “Twas twillig and the slithey toves…”

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