It’s been a rough year. In a lifetime of self-piteous retrospectives, I can say it’s been one of the roughest. Thankfully, my cousin is visiting, and her year has been even more stupidly terrifically rough. So I had a built-in bull-shit detector as I sat and reminisced last night.

I don’t blog much these days because I’m back in school. Unfortunately, any free time I have to write should be spent writing papers. Any free time I have to read should be spent reading stuff for school. But I think I’ve discovered a good way to work the blog in and reduce the amount of anxiety I feel about blogging (ie: fun) when I should be working (ie: non-fun). I’ll just use the blog as a sounding board, to reflect and track my work during the next year of school.

2012 is the year of my comprehensive exam (October) and I have about 50 books I have to know back/forth/inside/out for it. First step is to choose and catalog those works. You might see a new sidebar. Who can tell?

I have other ideas, but I don’t want to over commit.

Happy New Year, all. Thanks for reading.


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