School Days

Someone sent me a private email recently, expressing concern over my blog-silence. I have been MIA lately. Although I could blame school (I’m back to the grind) and the resulting busy-busy-busy juggle of school/work/life, it wouldn’t be 100% accurate.

I still think about possible blog-posts on a daily basis. But lately my writer’s voice is very dark and cynical and angry. I don’t really like that voice, and I don’t want to feed it by giving it an audience. So, until the moderately cynical, annoyed voice returns, or at least rears its mildly unattractive head, I’m relegating the writing to private journals.

Just an FYI. Thanks for checking in.


4 thoughts on “School Days”

  1. Hi Rae
    Just checking in, too, since I have now happily refound your new blog place!
    Hope all’s well, and looking forward to your eventual return..
    best wishes from over here in Africa..

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