No, Stupid

I never fight with people anymore. When someone says something I don’t agree with, I protest mildly and then I just let it go. What is that? It’s not that I feel any less strongly about my convictions than I did ten years ago. These days I understand that if I start an argument with someone, no matter how salient my point, nor how brilliantly I express it, they will hate me a little for bucking them. And earning someone’s hate is a hard thing to undo. It’s much easier to be non-hated and for them to think you agree with their stupid nonsense.

For example, a woman (I’ll call her n0-use Nancy) who gets paid copious amounts of money and wears her honorific title like a crown, but who does about fifteen minutes of real, actual, productive work in a given week, said something royally stupid the other day. And I just smiled an nodded.

She told me that a fellow coworker, who has recently proven her weight in gold as a mega-major workhorse who can do the jobs of three normal men simultaneously (ie: Workhorse Wanda) should be ashamed of herself. The reason, explained Nancy, is because Wanda is also teaching a full course-load, as well as continuing her 40+ hour-per-week job.

I pressed Nancy for further explanation, since this actually seemed like something Wanda might be able to be proud of. It’s quite a feat to juggle that kind of workload.

Nancy said that, since Wanda was getting paid for TWO jobs instead of ONE, she should be in-office for both jobs. If she sat at either desk for less than 40 hours per week (because she was at the other job) that Wanda was double-dipping (shamefully).

Pausing for a moment, I ventured the comment that Wanda actually works beyond normal hours. And nights. And weekends. Maybe she does work 80 hours a week. She does that to make sure she gets done what needs to get done for both jobs. Nancy scoffed at me and said it didn’t matter. If Wanda wasn’t working 80 hours in-office, she was a stinking cheat.

No-use Nancy was being stupid and I just let her.

It was easier than fighting with her. Besides, I’m pretty sure Wanda will get her title, eventually. That’s how things work when you’re stupid.


4 thoughts on “No, Stupid”

  1. Wow! That sounds as ridiculous as the lady that sad people with more than one job are being greedy because others are unemployed.
    Nancy needs to try to help Workhorse out!

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