Controversial topics always make my readers emerge from the woodwork. I’m glad about that. [Cue evil laugh.]

Today is the first day back at school in this part of the country.

I loved grade school, was oblivious during middle school, hated high school, and really enjoyed college. In fact, I liked college so much I keep going back. And back. And back. Someday I plan on getting a job teaching there so I never have to leave (or pay) again.

I find, though, that some people had a whole different experience than I did. Not everyone liked college. In fact, of my sibs who are of age, I’m the only one who actually enjoyed college. (Thus far. There’s still a few to go.)

High school seems to be the kicker – everyone has strong opinions about it but they vary widely. For me, high school was where I learned I wasn’t as smart as I thought, my parents were fallible (NOT superheroes?! WTF?!), huge chunks of my life were going to go way worse than I “planned,” and being an adult does not make everything easier. In fact, puberty marked the point in my life where things just got exponentially harder every day. That hasn’t stopped. And it’s been a while…

So I hated high school.

Which is one of the reasons I’m really glad I work at a college. Tech troll today, professor-doctor-extraordinaire one day. I will dedicate my life to teaching others like me that high school is not the ultimate – it gets much better.

(Even if it never gets easier.)

[Cue another laugh, but this one is less evil and just really cynical.]


6 thoughts on “Controversy”

  1. I thought you were pretty cool in high school. I felt bad for all the other girls who weren’t as smart, pretty, or amazing as you. Glad to hear that college continues to be a plus.

  2. Like you I found elementary okay, high school a nightmare (being a social pariah was no fun) and college wonderful. It’s hard to believe people don’t enjoy college where they get to study things that really interest them instead of all the make work in high school.

  3. I was bullied in elementary. Like, seriously bullied. I actually begged my mom, who finally gave in, to take me out of school two weeks early in the fifth grade (last year in elementary) because two the ringleaders, named Gladys and Tracy ( I remember their last names, too), said they were going to kick my ass on the last day of school because I had a puppy love crush on one of their boyfriends.

    I was bullied by a girl named Dawn (who also has a last name that I remember) because her hair was red and I wore three different Pebbles and BamBam tshirts which my Mom, I swear, made me wear at least twice a week. She bullied me mostly during gym and got all her stupid friends to do the same. Nothing like a volleyball or a basketball being whipped at your head at least twice a day. And sometimes they were on MY TEAM. I look back and think why the hell I didn’t just throw those damn shirts away. I fought back one day in gym, claws came out during a basketball game, and then Gladys, Tracy and Dawn all became friends.

    And then there was high school. I went in with one group of friends but quickly realized that there were way cooler friends that merged in from a different school. I had two fights, in which I won because I fight dirty, and that really helped too. And my older sister, who was in the same school, kind of had a reputation of a dirty fighter which really, really helped. I met my boyfriend, now husband, in high school. Things got better.

    High school is where I learned how very smart I was. Even if it was only street smarts.

    And college? I have no idea. I’m still a degree virgin.

    1. FYI: Bullied by Dawn (or Dawndice Jaundice as I called her [her teeth were really yellow]) happened in middle school.

  4. George and I were just talking about how one good or bad experience can leave such a lasting impression on someone. Can you pick out the people who made those impressions?

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