Opinions, Please

What do you do when a family contacts you, in response to a Facebook post about your lonely puppy?

They tell you they have a wonderful, medium-sized mutt who they just don’t have time for anymore.

“She’s a great dog, does well with people, very friendly, family dog.”

You agree to take the dog. They drive down (five hours) to drop her off.

As they drive away, you take a close look at the “mutt” and realize that the family lied.

It’s a pitbull.

You have a pitbull in your house.

Even better, you have a full-grown, 80+ pound, year-old pitbull who hates loud noises, being left alone, and hates EXERCISE.

What do you do? We have pretty much made our decision. But I’m curious about what the rest of the world thinks about this situation.


6 thoughts on “Opinions, Please”

  1. Personally, I would try for a week or two to make it work. Talk to your vet about possible medication for separation anxiety/ loud noises. As for exercise, try a new form. If the dog doesn’t like to go for walks, try playing fetch in your yard or something of the sort. Do the dogs play well together? Playing is a great form of exercise. The dog needs to know you are the boss. “Dogs behave the way their owners allow them to behave”.

  2. Get back in contact with the family member and tell them they lied/stretched the truth, and you can’t take care of the puppy. Let them know that if they aren’t able to take the pup back then you would have to take the puppy to an adoption place.

  3. I’m obviously not an expert, and the way I “trained” my dogs might not be favorable to some, but I think at a year old, regardless of breed, you have something you can work with. I’m sure the poor dog has probably never been in a structured environment. I’d give her an honest couple of months before I looked into taking her to a shelter. Brad always reminds me with our dogs and dogs that we dogsit, that it’s a battle of wills; my will should always win.

  4. I would call them and tell them that they are big, fat liars and that if things didn’t pan out in a couple weeks (afraid of loud noises, being left alone, hates exercise might lessen once the dog gets accustomed to a new place) they can drive back 5 hours and pick ‘er up. ~ Katie

  5. Animal rescue preferably, a no-kill shelter otherwise. This is assuming the family won’t take him back, as I assume from your tone that he’s not a good fit for your family.

  6. Take him to the pound. The “family” did not want him anymore and could not possibly abandon him to the shelter, but, could lie and pass him on to another family to deal with. False advertising. If they had told the truth, you would have saved them the trip. Adios. “It’s a dawg.”
    (Dad says, same answer but with more #$%^&@ language.)

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