I Like Dogs.

We got a puppy. I’m pretty sure I mentioned this previously.

I didn’t think I’d like it, but she’s pretty awesome. Plus, her extreme puppy-ness forces me to be physically active with her, so that she wears off some of her energy.

My fuzzy running buddy and me.

This has worked out pretty well, so far. Usually she’s very gung-ho but lately it’s become a personal challenge of mine to wear her out.

Which I did on Saturday, when I ran a “virtual” 5k. Her front paws were tore up by the time we were done. Which I would feel bad about, except she was okay within 24 hours and I felt I’d gotten some payback for weeks of training her not to drag me.

Now we have an understanding.

We might also have some doggie booties, too. I can’t decide how sorry for her to feel.


(PS: A virtual 5k is where everybody runs wherever they are and then post times and pictures online. I like ’em. Less pressure than a regular race; good for getting back into the swing of things. Also good for lots of walking…)


2 thoughts on “I Like Dogs.”

  1. Hot feet? Have her run on the grass while you run on the street. Or get out early, before the asphalt heats up. Or, make the booties 😉

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