I just want you all to know this is my 600th post. That’s a lot.

Here’s the story.

We are cat people. Or so we thought.

Some friends asked us to watch their dogs, as they were going to be gone for most of the summer. We moved a chihuahua and a doberman from their backyard to ours. We thought they’d be a pain (the chihuahua kind of IS a pain) but they ended up being very nice. The dobie is smart. Really smart. Freakishly smart.

And Hubs ended up really enjoying them, much to his surprise.

After about a week, while I was out on my bike, running the doberman into submission, a little yapper started chasing us.

When I finally stopped (because it wouldn’t give up), I realized it wasn’t a little yapper. It was a German Shepherd puppy. No tags. No one on the block knew whose it was. So she came home with us.

Now we have a pack. They get along. They entertain us. They are all nice and mostly smart. We might even keep the Shepherd. Not only is she cute in a weird-dog kind of way…

…but she also gets along with Kitty.




3 thoughts on “Dags”

  1. We got our Shepherd when she adopted us. (Show'd up on our front lawn.) Now, Heidi is one of the family. Great dogs. Congrats (on the dog and the posts).

    Do you find yourself in conversations with others thinking: oh, I posted on that topic… you should read what I think? lol (methinks it might be a blogger's disease)

  2. They do have a way of worming their way into your life. I've met very few dogs I didn't like – more than I can say about people.

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