Bayer's Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring SystemHow do you test blood sugar? The little monitoring systems are only $15. I’m tempted to buy one. Only I remember one of my friends in grade school HATED that finger prick…

Here’s a related story.

Two weeks ago, we brought home two dogs (a doberman and a chihuahua) that we’re dog-sitting for the summer. I took the big one out for a run at least once a day, but I was on my bike, so “run” for the dog was more of a leisurely roll for me.

Then a stray puppy followed us home. A stray German Shepherd puppy. So now we have two bigger breed dogs who need exercise every day but they’re not yet great at coordinating the whole 2-dogs-and-a-bike thing. So I’m having to take them out separately in the evenings. Which means my leisurely roll time doubled. I started noticing that I was just absolutely whipped after those, I mean I was brain dead.

THEN I started collecting information on how to have good dogs, because I’m not really down with just holing them up in the backyard and hoping they turn out okay – they need some exercise and training and whatnot. Pretty much everything I’ve read says they really need a good long walk in the morning. So we tried that this morning.

Early. Very, very early.

Both the dobie and the shepherd did well, but we had to keep it at a brisk pace and I was hyper-attentive to make sure they were walking pretty (not pulling and such). It was a workout. A workOUT.

Got home with very happy doggies. I was tired, but felt a deep sense of pride an accomplishment at the walk. They’re smart dogs. They’re good at walking.

Twenty minutes later, I was crashing. I was spiraling into a mire of severe anger and depression. This is not the first time I’ve felt so negatively after exercising. I did some research, and apparently it could be related to low blood sugar. So I have to eat first, before we walk.

But now I’m curious. The drop in mood is so sudden and so severe that it probably is low blood sugar. However, post-exercise is not the only time I get this way. I have other times where this happens to me. Sometimes food helps, sometimes not. And I’m curious about the relation to blood sugar levels.

Hypoglycemia is a cool word.



6 thoughts on “CRASH!”

  1. I don[t know anything about blood sugar, but I wonder if you've consulted Cesar Milan yet about the dogs. I ADORE him and his dog whispering. HIGHLY recommend it.

  2. A hit of protein about 20 minutes before you go out — works for me. I try to eat protein with breakfast every morning, I really feel it if I don't. Almond butter, peanut butter, (cashew butter when I can afford it!) nuts, or eggs (since I can't have cheese.)

  3. high blood sugar can give the same symptoms as low blood sugar. You should check this asap.. the pin prick is nothing,,,really. Either way (high or low) is not good for you. (didnt mean to intrude ,,lol)

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