1 of 365

I’m doing a meme kind of thing where I take a picture a day for a year. It’s kind of a pain, but I’m actually getting some good stuff about it. I’ve been considering it for a while but never found a good enough “starter picture.”

So i just took one terrible picture and called it number one:

I know. It’s awful. But I’ve been at it for about a month and I’ve actually gotten some good ones out of the mix. Interestingly, I find that I’ve taken them ALL with my iPhone, which has a pretty decent camera. I use apps like Photoshop Express and Instagram to edit them. It takes only a minute or so and I really like some of them.

Even if it doesn’t teach me amazing photographic skills, I suspect I’ll be slightly better at picture-taking at the end of this (whenever it really ends – a year is a long time). And I already know I’ll have documented much more of our real life than otherwise.

Worth it.


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