No Diet Coke: Week 2

Aspartame Disease: An Ignored EpidemicThis is the second week without my daily intake of a six-pack of Diet Coke and I hate life.

Am I feeling better? Pretty much. Am I drinking a lot more water? Absolutely. Am I slightly less cranky than day one? Fo-sho.

Do I miss Diet Coke, though? Is this killing me? Not really.

This is frightening to me. How did I drink that stuff for years and years, daily, multiple times a day, and I can kick it so easily? What is wrong with my body that it can be addicted to things for years and then just stop?

You know what I think? I think I latch onto that stuff to deal with boredom. I get bored very, very easily. I don’t do things that are bad for my health because I really enjoy the thing itself, but rather because it combats boredom in some way.

I would give examples but then you’d know all my vices.

But still, the lack of withdraw symptoms can mean only one of two things: either I’m a freak of nature or the worst is yet to come.



3 thoughts on “No Diet Coke: Week 2”

  1. Probably no worse to come — but the hypoglycemia symptoms could be partly from caffeine withdrawal. Your system is used to that boost. Or the caffeine may have simply masked the hypoglycemia.

  2. I can't even comment. I drink 3 or 4 Diet Coke a day. I gave it up once for two months but I didn't see much difference in my health (headaches, etc.) Lucky you, I guess. I just can't give it up. It's my only major vice besides not forgiving, envy, and hating my SIL. I'm not giving up any of those. I need vices, I've decided. Here's a toast to you–ice water for everyone.

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