No Diet Coke Diet: day 1

Diet Coca Cola, 20-Ounce Containers (Pack of 24)My parents and a tenacious lady at work have been at me to knock down, or quit entirely, my Diet Coke habit. Today is Day One of a 30 day experiment – done mostly to placate them – where I drink zero Diet Coke. In fact, I drink nothing that contains aspartame.

I need to clarify that I don’t really drink Diet Coke because I like the taste of it. Although I do like the taste of it.

Me and those close to me have long suspected that the volume and regularity with which I imbibe DC points more to a form of self-medication than simple enjoyment. That is, I have serious issues waking up without drinking Diet Coke. I have difficulty functioning without three to six cans a day. That’s a lot. Probably more than normal people (drinking for enjoyment) use.

Case in point – right now I have been awake for about three hours. Usually I’d be just about to crack open a second can of Diet Coke (after having had a cup of coffee at home). But, since this is an aspartame-free diet, coffee is nixed (I like Splenda) and so is Diet Coke.

The Ritalin Fact Book: What Your Doctor Won't Tell YouAnyway, the whole suspicion about self-medicating was confirmed a few months back when, in the midst of a dearth bunch of doctor’s appointments, I had a nice consult with a great doctor about ADHD, which runs in the fam. Thankfully, I made it through the “disorder” part of ADHD earlier in life (without medication) and have managed to come up with all sorts of cool coping mechanisms for dealing with the AD and the H so that it’s not a D.

Drinking large amounts of Diet Coke is one of them. Apparently caffeine mimics the effects of Ritalin.


So, on top of worrying about headaches and such, I’m also pretty interested to see how my mood and focus do without huge amounts of caffeine. I’ve had a high caffeine intake since early high school, so it’s been a looooooooong time since I just did without it.

This may be a crash-and-burn kind of situation. Or it might save my life and solve all my problems.



6 thoughts on “No Diet Coke Diet: day 1”

  1. Hey rae – if you up your coffee intake, this will help you get off the coke w/o the withdrawal. At least coffee is “natural” …no chemicals or fake sugar : /

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