Awesome Couch, You Will Be Missed

A giant, lovable whiner recently whined to me that I only post book reviews these days. And that’s true. Because I’m freaking busy saving the world and audiobooks are the only thing I have time to post about. They don’t require pictures. Or much effort.

It’s not hard for me to be critical. It’s a gift.

Here’s a real post, though.

We acquired an incredible, awesome sectional right after we got married from some very dear friends who were “growing up” and getting furniture to accompany their growth. They’d gotten the couch from someone’s grandmother, who had kept it in plastic for about 20 years. Thus, it was in awesome shape.

Well, it’s time. We’re “growing up,” and the awesome sectional is slowly deteriorating into sad bits of shredded upholstery. Although the color remains bright and awesome, the rest of it is fading before our eyes.

A few weeks ago we bought a new sectional. It was delivered today. And last night, we had a few tender moments with the OG couch in it’s pure state, before we split it up and tossed the main piece.

This blog is an obituary, I guess. RIP, awesome sectional.

Awesome Sectional
Gone but not forgotten. 

6 thoughts on “Awesome Couch, You Will Be Missed”

  1. I remember you writing about (and showing pictures of) this awesome couch before. Now we'd like some pictures of the new awesome coach please, or we'll be stuck with the old one in our minds! 😉 (Assuming to be speaking for all your other followers as well as for myself.)

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