You may have read the other day that my position got upgraded. As such, I’m in desperate need of a new, more sophisticated wardrobe. A lot of expectations will fall on me and it’s been my experience that people who dress smartly are generally trusted. So that’s where I’m going with that one.

Currently, my clothes look like this:

Dickies Mens Original 874 Work Pant, Khaki, 34x32Dickies Girl Women's Short Sleeve Polo, Black, SmallVans Classic Slip-On

That’s it. Pretty youthful. Very simple.Very low key. As befits my current position.

But soon my position (my location, actually) will require something more like this:

Petite High Waist Shirred Stretch Pencil Skirt with Wide Belt ( Choose Black or Brown )Fossil Lynn Knit Blazeroh...DEER! Ella Metallic Pink Peep Toe Pump

And, while I’m not quite ready to rock the pencil skirt or the Louboutins, I can certainly appreciate how a wardrobe upgrade might do me a lot of good.

So that’s what I’m working on. And I’d like your opinion (gals AND guys) on what kinds of things or looks always seem to catch your eye (in a good way) or make you happy with work wear on a woman. What are some staples I should be investing in?

(I’ve already put black trousers and a blazer on the top of the list.)

I’m growing up so fast.



8 thoughts on “Upgrade”

  1. I like dresses for comfort and simplicity. Always shop the online & store deals at DressBarn, Fashion Bug, Kohl's & Belk. Find your own style. If you're comfortable & confident it shows.

  2. At this stage,unless you are the person interacting with vendors or the public as the “face” of the department, you could hold off on the suit. Tejas is a hot climate like SC–
    1)my favorites: khakis or linen trousers in neutral solid colors, and cotton buttondown shirts. Lee makes a nice crisp tailored shirt with 3/4 sleeves that doesn't look boxy, comes in several colors and stripes. The hem is straight instead of shirttail so it looks tidy even if it's not tucked in.
    2)If the office is air-conditioned,(ours seems to be set at 55 degrees) a lightweight cotton or linen blazer.
    3)Navy makes a good alternative to black.
    4)It's worth finding a seamstress who can do alterations for a good fit on trousers and jackets — it costs a lot less than you'd think.

  3. A pair of nice dress pants in every color. You can rotate your pants like crazy and no one will know. Invest in a lot of great tops and accessories that you can mix and match up. I'm a HUGE fan of the cardigan and a fun scarf with a nice chunky bracelet/funky earrings.

    Since you live in warm weather ALL the time, I'd get some nice dresses that can be dressed up or down.

    I LIVE in flats, but occasionally I'll throw in a nice wedge or even comfy heel.

    Definitely go with the staples and then work the accessories. My go to stores are LOFT, The Limited, GAP, and JCrew with the occasional Kohl's or Target thrown in.

    Happy shopping! =)

  4. Variety. Snazzy two-piece suits to demonstrate the whole power-executive thing is available, but don't do it every day. Pencil skirt is good to have, but not as a staple (I agree it requires too much attention). Blouse/skirt combinations. Some color, but not a steady diet of bows, ribbons, flowers, etc. Do dresses periodically. Impress the women and mystify the men.

    I think the key is that they all demonstrate clear planning, good judgment and aesthetic sense. “Just threw it on?” Fine if you are not responsible for stuff, but no one wants the fate of the world in the hands of someone who is wearing Converse AllStars.

  5. Another suggestion re: a suit jacket. It is almost impossible for well endowed women to find jackets that fit well. If you find something worth investing in, be sure it fits across the chest and the sleeves are not too short and have it altered to fit by a tailor.

  6. The pencil skirt is not a good idea in the higher ranking offices. They require too much attention as regards sitting, bending over, etc. A good neutral A-line flatters everyone and can have many different looks with a variety of blouses and accessories. If you're really into it. a smart suit (that fits well) would take you all the way to the White House. It doesn't have to look mannish and can really take some smashing accessories (like red heels).

  7. I think you just need a few assesories. SP?
    Anyway, you have plenty of staples. Rock your style!
    I say Gap fav t's and some good chinos are it!
    Then go to Khols for the flava

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