The Creativity Cure

So, in case you missed it, my last post included mention of crafting.

Generally, my crafting includes collecting a lot of gear, dabbling, and then giving up before completing things.

Actually, that’s not fair. I complete a LOT of things. I just rarely complete the amount of things that I start. My start:completion rate is about 7:1 which is great for my artistic soul but kind of terrible for our storage sitaution, since I also have issues with throwing things “I made” away.

Anyways, here’s what I made the other night, while I was wallowing in “can’t we catch a break?!” misery.

These guys were actually completed, which is a huge deal. It helps that they are for someone else, who is working on a real time-line. I’ve mentioned this before. I do well with other people’s deadlines.

Also, they make me SMILE. Who doesn’t like a random ‘stache on something other than a face?

Next project, fortune-cookie jewelry. Of course.



4 thoughts on “The Creativity Cure”

  1. So… Haven't turned my laptop on since I left TX. Until now. Now that I have read every post that I missed, I must say that this made my soul smile. Please explain to my husband that in trying a new craft one must buy EVERYTHING that could possibly be needed or semi-related. After that it is anyone's game.

    I'm lovin' these shirts by the way.

    (… and Anna Kar-kill-me-now-a is most useful as a fire starter. It is the only real way to get your money out of the thing.)

  2. I sooo don't know
    what you're talking about ; )
    … But it's still fun and life giving to create,
    even if all the projects don't make it to the final step.

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