The Magic

Here’s how the magic happens, in a step-by-step guide…

Kid's Magician w/Rabbit

  1. Go way too long trying to convince yourself that if you just keep trucking through the bog-o-crap things will turn out okay. CHOOSE HAPPY.
  2. When that doesn’t work, binge drink.
  3. When that doesn’t work, go hermit. Insulate yourself from the world.
  4. While hermiting, start crafting compulsively. Start five or seven projects at a time, only two of which you’ll actually finish.
  5. When that doesn’t work, blog about how beat you are; ask the ether when you can catch a break already.
  6. Within 24 hours, catch a break.
  7. Repeat.

Woot! Position I asked for two months ago, to a very negative response and then radio silence, suddenly and unexpectedly and very randomly materialized. Starts in a few days.


PS: Thanks for the encouragin’ words yesterday. I’m a HUGE fan of encouraging words.



4 thoughts on “The Magic”

  1. Chandler's reflections that life is not unending misery was good advice. Glad to see you've entered a more happy stream for awhile.

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