It’s Alive!

Hubs had knee surgery.

(He’s pointing to his laser scar.)

It’s been a pretty epic couple of weeks with him learning to re-walk and all. This surgery marked a couple of firsts for him, including first major surgery, first time experiencing general anesthesia (epic story for another day), and first time his body didn’t respond with insane amounts of power as soon as he moved.

For such an active guy, Hubs has done amazingly well at the first week or so of recovery. He’s been very patient and kept himself busy with video games and catching up on movies. And cleaning.

(I know, be jealous.)

We recently drove to the big city for a post-op, where he was given the go-ahead to remove bandages, get back to the gym (restricted, but still), and start walking as much as possible. Everything looked good.

To celebrate, we ate. (Of course.) We found some good Italian, so the meal itself was consumed too fast for pictures, but I had to snap a shot of creme brulee (which doesn’t exist in Tejas) and real biscotti.

YUM. And hooray!



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