I Scream

Home-made ice cream. Need I say more?

Oh wait, I DO need… say… more. (<— That went worse than I expected.)

I’m sticking to PB&J sandwiches for a month rather than traipsing off to lady’s luncheons during my workday. For this thing. It makes me ICE CREAM!

In an effort to stay quasi-healthy, Hubs and I only do ice cream on weekends. Because we both love it and would consume half-gallons in one sitting if it was readily on hand.

It’s been working pretty well. Then we got an ice-cream attachment to the KitchenAid (which, side note, is possibly the best gift Hubs ever gifted me).

Last weekend I made Elvis Ice Cream: dark chocolate custard with banana, peanut butter, and bacon mixed in. We did not wait for it to be finished. We just slurped it out of bowls.

This weekend I made tangerine sorbet from some poor guys who were about to turn on our countertop. Totally different from the ice cream, and delicious.

Suggestions for next weekend?



2 thoughts on “I Scream”

  1. The insert for my ice cream maker sits, taking valuable space in my freezer, but always at the ready. Sadly, we have one watching high colesteral others watching weight on others…so there it sits.

    I am always a fan of coffee with Heath Bars though.

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