Spring Blooms

We have a raised planter box outside the front of our house. I would show you a picture, but they all turned out super ugly. This is the best one. So you can just imagine the planter box.

Anyway, all of the annual flowers that our landlord planted last summer were dead and gone when it started to get warm here again (that was mid-January, just know that).

This is the first year of my entire LIFE where I’ve had any interest in planting anything. But I was really into it. I went to the big city, even, to buy better plants than what they had at the local WalMart.

Some things I learned for next year:

  • The amount of sun a plant needs is not a suggestion.
  • Mold is bad.
  • Cheap fillers are either the best or worst additions. It’s kind of a toss up.
  • When considering cacti (and living in Tejas), get some.
  • Color is never wrong.

Does it look tons better than when I started? Heck yes. Are things already starting to die? Heck yes.

Live (and plant) and learn!



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