Why He Loves Me

Hot Fuzz (Widescreen Edition)Hubs surprised me the other day with a delivery of a giant Japanese Peace Lily with an accompanying card that read “Hot Fuzz.” It was perfect.

It reminded me of a conversation we had a few months back, where he listed some of the less traditional reasons he loves me so much.

– I always know where things are, even if they are his things, which I have neither seen nor interacted with in days (eg: belts, phone, keys).

– I always know what he means, so that he doesn’t even have to say “you know what I mean” anymore.

– I always restock the laundry detergent. Direct quote, “It has NEVER gone dry. It’s ALWAYS full. Do you do it at night or what? It’s like stealth restocking.”

– I’m (nearly) always willing to engage in playful bantering (my grandparents call this “recreational bickering”). This is partially because I enjoy it and partially because we both know that if we don’t do it for fun, real fighting will shortly ensue.

I bet everyone has some of these about anyone they love, the quirky things that aren’t deal-makers or -breakers but that build up good feelings from day to day (or year to year) doing, you know? I thought this list was adorable. Especially the one about the laundry detergent. I didn’t even realize I did that.



2 thoughts on “Why He Loves Me”

  1. It's taken me twenty-five years to convince Chandler that recreational bickering is different than fighting. Actually I think he's still not convinced, but has decide he loves me enough to humor me.

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