Everyday EditingI’m editing a book for a friend. She announced to me (six months ago) that she felt like writing a book.

Ever have those moments where you are completely cynical when someone tells you they’re going to do something but you put your cynicism aside and just smile and nod and cheerlead? That’s what I did.

And, dude. She did it. She wrote a whole freakin’ book. I’m amazed, truly amazed at how good it is. ESPECIALLY for a very-first-ever-attempt-ever-in-the-girl’s-entire-life.

She let me read as she finished chapters. It was what I imagine reading serial publications must have been like back in the early days of newspaper/magazine publishing. Every time I finished reading a chapter I had to WAIT.

I really enjoyed reading the first draft, so much so that I started baiting her to let me edit.

Not going to lie, it was slightly selfish. There were so many parts of the rough draft that I read and went “that is so potentially awesome! I want to be the one who makes it awesome!” The bones of the story were such that every page had something fun and good.

Plus, the main character is ridiculously sarcastic. I, of course, thought that was the best.

Thankfully, the author is a genius and a peach. She wrote a whole book in the time that many of my friends or coworkers talk about the opening LINES. She recognized talent (desperation?) when she saw it. So she relented and let me edit.

I am having a blast. Just wanted to share. Nothing like doing what you love, and someone loving when you do it.

Here’s a link to her author site.



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