Last Hurrah in Phila

Chickie’s and Pete’s is a Philadelphia institution. It was made famous in the old ballparks and made a comeback in the new ones.

Now they have an airport kiosk. Where we got these…

…before our epic flight back to Tejas.

Can I just say that crab-fries and cheese sauce would be on my “last meal” menu if I was a convicted murderer on death row? Holy Moses, so fantastic.

This meal, along with the cheesesteak that anchored it, made me happy, even though it was a harbinger of sad times to come.

They don’t do cheesesteaks in Tejas.

(But they do a mean Frito Pie. And that might just be a fair trade.)



3 thoughts on “Last Hurrah in Phila”

  1. I thought that was fry sauce in the little tub. It's cheese sauce? Do you know about fry sauce? It's a redneck mayo/ketchupy mix that is a food group in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, etc. (I'm not a fan, but husband is in the throng.) You know I do not personally know Frito Pie! Did you ever send me the recipe? If so, I've lost it. Please expedite. I need a change of culture food.

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