My Art Attempt

I blogged about my sister and her artsy-ness. I didn’t just sit and watch her; I jumped in the mix, too.

I’ve only worked on a large canvas once or twice before. So this was truly a treat for me. Painting makes my brain a strange sort of disconnected happy the same way reading does.

Slightly obsessed with the iconography of the region, as evidenced by previous posts about Dia de los Muertos and bright colored buildings and guitars and flowers on everything. The Virgin of Guadalupe is another point of fascination for me. She is, by far, one of the most colorful apparitions of the Virgin Mother. IN THE WORLD.

I like her cloak; stars and sparkles make me happy.



3 thoughts on “My Art Attempt”

  1. I like it! The use of colours is very effectful. I've done some painting but I don't think I ever tried a canvas that size – I mostly did watercolours. (Using past tense because in later years I have had difficulties holding a brush for long enough to accomplish anything.)

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