What does it MEAN?!

I just have a quick question…

What does that even mean?

If it means pesticide-free, why don’t they just say that? How can any raw fruit or vegetable NOT be organic?

This kind of marketing bugs me so much. “Made with Grains” is another that never serves any purpose other than to slightly muddle the issue. Blech.

Also, why are avocados so expensive in other parts of the world? Ya’ll need to start growing some avocado trees in your backyard.

(That’s right, I said ya’ll.)



5 thoughts on “What does it MEAN?!”

  1. Not everything organic is that great. Tried some organic pistachios the other day and they tasted like (I imagine)acorns

  2. I want an avocado tree. I have fond memories of picking GIANT avocados and grapefruit from the trees in Uncle Raul's yard in Miami. I remember them as being the size of my head, but I was 6.

  3. I would hope it means no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer, no growth-enhancement chemicals, no irradiation, no genetic modification, just a plant in the ground and maybe some water. But I'm a dreamer…

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