Dad’s Espresso

The whole fam damily got together recently at my parent’s place. It was pure, unmitigated joy to just be around a group that really “gets” me. (Hubs does, but he’s not a whole group.) We had a blast. We drank a lot of caffeine and told a lot of jokes and laughed our butts off for days. We even cried a few times, just because we could.

Part of the extravaganza was my dad demonstrating his swanky espresso machine. My father has a long and sordid love affair with coffee. Late last year he had an encounter with real Italian espresso which changed his life. He immediately ordered an espresso machine for himself, and proudly brought it forth for all of his children to enjoy while they visited.

To really get in the mood he wore an authentic European soccer (football) jersey.

It was a good trip. The house-made espresso made it great. Obviously. How could we resist the siren-song of super-concentrated caffeine?



4 thoughts on “Dad’s Espresso”

  1. I'm happy for you coffee lovers but I'm looking for some pity. My allergy to the stuff lets me off with only a 1/2 cup first thing in the morning or I'm weeping, drooling, sneezing and blowing all day. Let's hear a “poor you” for me!

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