Pub Fare Dinner

In another life, I think my husband was a chef. He comes up with the most randomly wonderful things.

The sweet potato fries I created the other day were his idea, as was the rest of this meal. I’ve posted on Hubs’ food-making abilities before, but they never cease to amaze me.

This time he marinated, then grilled a steak to slightly-more-than-medium. Then he sliced it thin and laid strips out over a grilled ciabatta bun. Next came fresh spinach (we like it better than lettuce) and some homemade coleslaw (also a product of Hubs’ genius food-brain).

AMAZING MEAL. We should open a restaurant. We’d serve one sandwich, one entree, and mineral water. It would be the best. Around.



2 thoughts on “Pub Fare Dinner”

  1. Looks Delicious!!! My mouth is watering 🙂 You should open up one of those foodcarts/mobiles like they have in Austin 🙂

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