I Want to Ride my Bicycle

I got a bike. It was purchased with the intention of using it in lieu of a vehicle, since we only live about two miles from where I work. It has quickly become so much more.

When I told my husband I wanted to get a bike, he reacted with caution. His whole family cycles, avidly. They do weekly distances that I couldn’t touch in a year. It takes dedication to really ride a bike. And, let’s face it. I am creative. But dedicated, I am not.

I get bored quickly. I move on to new fads with a speed that is alarming, even to me.

So when I called Hubs a few weeks later, from the big city, to tell him I was buying a bike, he responded with reserved encouragement. I understood where he was coming from. Yes, biking is good. But probably I won’t do it long enough to get anything out of it.


When I got home, he realized that instead of buying a bike like this (which is a standard for the kinds of cyclists he’s grown up with):

Corsa FC Lightweight Full Carbon Fiber Road Bike, Small

I had, instead, reached into the life-long desires, begun in childhood, for a boardwalk bike. One that you ride up and down the broad planks by the ocean and onto the sand-dusted streets of the Jersey shore.

I wanted a bike I could ride to Heritage’s and back, to pick up bread. One with thick tires and a broad seat. A cruiser. With a basket on the handlebars.

I wanted a bike that made me smile when I looked at it, so that even when I didn’t want to ride a bike, I still wanted to ride THAT bike.

This is what I got:

Schwinn Windwood Women's Cruiser Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

(Mine has a basket on the front.) I LOVE IT. I feel like sunshiney music should be playing in the background every time I get on it.

And, bonus, it makes Hubs smile, too.



10 thoughts on “I Want to Ride my Bicycle”

  1. Seeing Heritage's on the corner means I'm almost home… sometimes I stop in just to look around and remember buying double bubble there. LOVE your ride!

  2. Your bike is the “ginch-ee-ist!”
    (Coolest in a cute, exciting way.)
    Do you have a good helmet?
    That is the one thing I force myself to do now, because the possibility of me surviving a run in with a Buick is not pleasant… I KNOW it would be my brain that would come out messed up, the rest of me has already been “broken in.”

  3. Way to cute! When I got my bike I had the option of getting a cruiser. Instead I went with a surburban bike. One that has awesome suspension for the horrible roads and still can ride on the dirt paths to the gym.

    Maybe now with gas prices shooting up I should ride my bike to work.

  4. I love that bike. I have a similar one, though I like your handlebars better. When I ride it, I hear the music from Wizard of Oz that plays when the witchy lady confiscates Toto and rides away on her bike.

  5. I quickly fall in and out of love with things, too. I'm moving to AZ to join my soldier hubster and I'm thinking about getting a bike, since we'll only have one vehicle that he'll need to get back and forth to base. If I'm getting a bike, a basket and comfy seat are mandatory. šŸ™‚

  6. I love these bikes. They are kind of like the first bike I ever had. No hand brakes or gears. I think I would do so much better on that kind again. My husband shifts and speeds and darts and I'm back there puffing and panting to keep up. I just want a leisurely, gliding ride as you describe with “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” in the background. Sigh! Lucky you. Enjoy.

  7. I used to have a bike like that! It was ancient, but wonderful. Used it a lot in my youth. Less when I moved to a town that is all hills. Gave it up with my neck/arm problems because then the town seemed to have become all uphill…

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