Wait, WHAT?!

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Thrift Edition)Here’s a story about Tejas that I just HAD to share with you.

At a gathering with a lot of people, some were discussing race relations here on the border, where Hispanics outnumber white, black, brown, and every other hue by a wide margin. The non-natives (ie: those who were not born in Tejas, regardless of skin color) were trying to explain how race relations differ in other parts of the country, where the history is different.

One explanation included a discussion of slave vs. immigrant labor. And one participant in the convo, eager to convince the rest of us that they were the winner of this particular brand of knowledge, insisted (though they were born and raised in this area) that they knew ALL ABOUT black/white race relations. That caused us out-of-towners to scoff. Then, to prove their mettle, this participant proclaimed loudly, for all to hear:

“I do TOO know what I’m talking about! My grandfather OWNED a plantation!”

We figured our battle was lost so we threw in the towel and called it a day. Only in Tejas, with a special brand of citizen, would this kind of thing be an open or willing admission.



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