WTF Friday: Tejas Star Sighting

You may not know who Ted Nugent (NEW-gent) is. If not (for shame), here’s a brief synopsis:

  • He had a long, successful career as a musician while he lived in the North. 
  • He ADOPTED a lover because she wasn’t old enough for him to marry.
  • Other things happened.
  • Then he turned into a gun/hunting activist and moved to Texas.
  • He keeps his name alive with reality shows (mostly involving hunting) and lots of incendiary comments about bleeding-heart liberals to anyone who will print them.

He was in our neck of the woods the other day. It was a pretty big deal.

I had to jockey for position to get that shot.

Later, I guess the Nuge must have noticed the crowds flocking around him. His hunting posse and camera crew were duly impressed with the attention he was getting.

Tejas cherishes all gun/hunting activists. It’s how things are DONE around here.

Anyway, Teddy Nuge decided to play to the crowd. Thus, this photo:

Ted Nugent on the middle and that’s li’l ol’ me on the right. He’s giving my neck a squeeze – that’s my creeped out face. (I am pretty awesome, so no wonder I was the recipient of the Nugent Neck Squeeze.) Note the raised eyebrow and uncomfortable laugh.

But I’m still rockin’ it out. ‘Cause that’s how I DO when I get a totally random photo op with someone famous. Also, that other lady was doing it and it seemed like a good idea.

Go Tejas!



4 thoughts on “WTF Friday: Tejas Star Sighting”

  1. My husband was a real Nugent fan in the 70s or 80s or somethings…But he and Ted would lock horns over the hunting thingy. I think Ted might have a “thingy” for you…eeww! I've heard him rant on about killing and though I sort of agree I think he's totally creepy. But I've never had anyone famous squeeze my neck so you win…

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