Theoretical Thursday (I < 3 alliteration.)

Rodin the Thinker Statue Fine Art Sculpture Male Nude Figure Real Bronze Powder Cast 9-3/4 InchI muse a lot. I call it marinating, but basically I just like to think about things. A lot of my time thinking about things is wondering how OTHERS think about things.

Basically, I really get a kick out of amassing huge amounts of information.

So I thought I’d pose a question to you guys. Weigh in, if you would, with whatever you have to say about it. Tangents are welcome. I’m just trying to collect more information.

Need… more… data…

Given a choice, would you rather get a negative response (“no”) from someone  else or no response at all (silence)? WHY?

I mean in cases where a response clearly isn’t positive. Some side considerations that occur to me:

  • Does situation change your preference?
  • When have you done the one you don’t like to others? How come?
  • What kind of verbal or silent “no” is the worst? Best?

I’m fascinated by this because I think we all have a preference but we all do both. I’ll post my own thoughts on it sometime soon. In the meantime, I can’t wait to hear yours.



4 thoughts on “Theoretical Thursday (I < 3 alliteration.)”

  1. I'd rather have a no, but have been non-committal myself at times to save someone's feelings (or is it 'cuz I'm not brave enough?). But the hardest 'no response at all' for me is from God. What does that mean? Do I keep trying? Am I going in the wrong direction? Should I do a 180? Do I just need to be patient? Just tell me no already! (or change your mind and say yes? please?)

  2. Oh, tough question. I think I'll have to go with “it depends”… Even if I realize that might not feel very helpful 😉 It's just that I think more aspects than truth or clarity often come into it. Like kindness. Silence can be ambiguous which means it can be either cruel or used to let someone down gently – or may have nothing to do with me at all. No is no, but there can still be emotional difference depending on explanation, or lack thereof. It's usually harder to take back something that has been said. Silence may be easier to repair.

  3. I hate non-responses. A “no” ends the thing with no more speculating needed. The non-response sends my mind looping around in circles for hours and days. I have occasionally done the non=response thing but usually because an immediate “no” seems unfair and I need a moment to consider the question some more. I do feel obligated to give an answer in a reasonable length of time though.

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