Good Fortune

I found a handful of fortunes in my REAL-coat pocket the other day when I took it out and shook it off for the unseasonably cold weather. 
I love this.

Because of where they were found, these fortunes remind me of the days we lived in a city with safe Asian restaurants. They remind me of running to the car in cold rain. They remind me of the nice sushi chef who used to send us over a plate of our favorites as soon as we walked in on our Tuesday night dates. They remind me of the first time I experienced the strange, sweet texture of a lychee. They remind me of a lot of laughter. Of being newly married and looking forward to an easy life together.

They also remind me that, even though that life doesn’t exist anymore, I can still make good memories. We still enjoy sushi together. We still laugh. And, although we’re no longer “newly” married, and life has been (thus far) less than easy, we’re together.

They remind me that I should fall asleep every night thinking, “That was a life well-lived.”



4 thoughts on “Good Fortune”

  1. I've never eaten sushi. Life preserved in coat pockets does intrigue me. My pockets usually just have used tissue and gum I've spit out into the wrapper and deposited in my pocket so I don't litter…Alas that's quite symbolic of my life also.

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