Pittsburgh Steelers vs Green Bay Packers Super Bowl XLV 45 Flag or BannerBig Game Sunday (as all the non-paying advertisers refer to the Superbowl) is a tricky day, apparently. I never realized that my background makes me expect one specific type of gathering. That’s the kind where there are a TON of people and only about a third of them are actually watching the game. The rest are talking, laughing, playing card games, entertaining kids, and all have stories to share (even the game-watching ones).

There are other kinds of crowds, though, as I learned this week. There’s the type that just doesn’t watch at all. We’ve fallen into this group in the past, except it’s not so much a “group” as just us staying at home and not caring about the game.

Then there’s the crowd where EVERYONE sits and watches the game intently, without speaking. The whole thing. No talking. At all. Complete silence. Are you getting this? It’s quiet.

I am not that kind of person. I talk in meetings. I talk at funerals. I talk in movies (I know, it’s bad). So to sit in someone’s home, on a comfy couch, with food on my lap and nice people all around and NOT TALK is pretty much torture. Actual torture. I feel the discomfort physically.

Lesson learned: for Big Game Sunday, stick with a raucous group. Amen.



3 thoughts on “Get-Togethers”

  1. I found out years ago to stay away from both #1 and #3. I hate the sound of the TV interfering with the talking and my total lack of interest appears to irk the #3's. One remark like “which ones are the Dallas Packers” and I become persona non grata for the evening.

  2. However invited you there did not play fair. A Super Bowl Party is exactly what you described as what you are used to. The game happens to be on for the 12/3 that care, and people make sure no one misses a commercial.

    What you ended up at was a “Here to watch a game” gathering. It's only fair to specify because neither you
    nor people who hate talking had fun with you there. I will assume you watched the game with a crowd of all Steelers or Packers fans.

    When my team is in the Super Bowl (the Pats) my dad will specify that people invited are there to watch the game, and only certain people that know football will be invited. It's only fair to everyone.

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